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I worked with Camel to redesign their intranet, a repository of all brand assets, guidelines, documents, campaign inspirations and other.


The team at Matter of Form was tasked to completely redesign Camel intranet. The intranet containted many mini sites developed over the years which were used as independent platforms to achieve specific business goals. During the 10 week project my goal was to research current frustrations and needs for the intranet and design a fully functional prototype that leveraged the existing platforms to achieve business goals.


A few research streams were performed to start the project. To begin with an expert review was performed on the Camel intranet. Following the expert review, stakeholder interviews were scheduled to understand the logic behind certain design and business decisions, find out the critical areas needed for improvement and set clear goals for the next research steps. Having interviewed the key stakeholders phone interviews were conducted with business users across the key markets to understand how the system should behave in order to assist Brand Managers in their daily jobs. In addition, a survey was designed and distirbuted to all employees to learn more about their current usage patterns and requirements for future systems.

Expert Review

Expert review was conducted to evaluate the general state of Camel intranet sites including usability and accessibility. Firstly I familiarised with the platform, understanding how different sites on the web are related and what they are used for. Once familiar with the platform functions, key user journeys on each platform were selected for evaluation. During the evaluation issues related to usability and accessibility were noted down and severity asigned.

Stakeholder Interviews

Key stakeholders across JTI markets were interviewed to understand the methods of communication, digital systems and ways of working currently used by the business Group and Brand Managers.

User Interviews

The essential part of the research was to talk to actual system users. Since Camel operates across different continents, telephone interviews were scheduled with representatives from the key markets. Phone interviews were conducted over Skype, whilst recording users face and audio.


A quantitative survey was distributed to all employees to learn more about their demographics, technology use, use of intranet to deliver work related activites. The survey was distributed via Typeform and data analysed on Excel.

Personas & User flows

Based on user research I created a set of personas representing the stakeholders from the key Camel markets. Following the personas, scenarios were developed representing each stakeholder’s needs to achieve business objectives.


Having performed the customer and stakeholder interviews across the key markets, I was able to create 4 distinct personas that represent the key user groups of the business. Personas were used throughout the design process, making sure each persona would recognise new design features, the purpose of different actions, making sure users are supported with the appropriate feedback and are able to accomplish their tasks successfully.

Johana Persona
Camel Persona - Johana
Hugo Persona
Camel Persona - Hugo

User flows

User flows were designed to illustrate how users from different markets would use the new platform to achieve the business objectives. To map the user flows I considered 3 user behaviour attributes: what the user sees and what the user does; what are the system actions; and general information. User flows were used throughout the design process to inform the decisions and product features.

Johana user flow
User flow - Johana
Jeremy user flow
User flow - Jeremy

Information Architecture

One of the most challenging parts of the Camel project was to create an IA which would cater for all user groups across different continents, but making the content easily accessible and understandable. Since the aim of the project was to merge 5 different sites, content strategy and labelling was vital to the success. Making it understandable and clear for all markets was vital.

Camel sitemap
Sitemap. Please note this was not a final deliverable

Interaction Design

As a final deliverable, a set of interactive wireframes were produced. The designs were based on Microsoft SharePoint 2016 thus had to have minimal functionality and be easily integrated to existing system. At the same time it had to support hundreds of content pieces which would be uploaded by brand managers from across the globe. To design interactive prototypes I used Axure RP8.

Favourites Landing
Inspiration Post Landing
Inspiration Post Landing


A tested interactive prototype was produced and delivered to the client meeting the project objectives and the brief.